Questions you must ask when viewing a property

Viewing properties is exciting and fun – after all, this could be your future home!

However, before you start picking out curtains and measuring up for hanging your favourite artwork, you have to screw on your practical head.

Make sure you ask these important questions before you decide and commission Conveyancing Solicitors London:

What is the neighbourhood like?

You might find your perfect home, but if it’s out in the sticks and you do not drive, what would you do when you run out of tea bags?

Taking stock of what is around you. Find out what is nearby, if there is public transport you will have access to and if you have children, check that there are good schools in the area. Try to find the property on Google Earth and see what’s around before you visit – you will be able to see what restaurants, shops and other businesses are near you as well. Found the perfect place? Find out about Conveyancing Solicitors London from a site like Sam Conveyancing.

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Is the property sound?

Keep an eye out for any large cracks in the walls that could mean the house has subsidence. Hairline cracks should not be a major cause for concern as they are expected, but if you are worried, set up independent builders to look around the property for you. Look at the windows, too – if there is wood rot? Condensation between the double glazing? How much it would cost to replace it? Falling roof tiles are a warning sign too – a replacement roof is an expensive project!

If a new home has recently been painted, there may be damp lurking beneath humid so look up at the ceiling, the walls and the skirting boards. You might also pick up on a musty aroma. Check the condition of electrical sockets and cables as well, which can be expensive to replace.

Is the plumbing in good order?

Ask how long the current boiler has been in situ and whether it will have to be replaced in the near future. Are the pipes insulated and do the radiators work effectively as well?

Do not be afraid to test by running their taps to check the water pressure – you do not want to stand under a cold dribble of a shower in the morning! Take a look below the kitchen sink as well to check if there is water damage that could indicate a broken pipe.

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Why are they selling?

This is probably one of the most important questions you will ask.

Do they need a bigger house for a growing family? Or are they relocating because they’re sick of the effort and cost of trying to keep the house in shape?

Figuring out the answer to this one could make or break your decision.

What are the next-door neighbours like?

Noisy neighbours are a big no-no for some buyers so if this sounds like you, be sure to ask the sellers what they are like.

What is the parking like?

If your property does not come with a garage or a parking lot, you have to work out where you can park. A busy road will obviously be more difficult to navigate and could become a real chore and even danger if you have a young family.