Ultimate Streetwear Combinations for Winter 2019

Streetwear has a list of key items that make up the basic wardrobe. This list includes a hoodie, a puffer jacket, some high-top trainers and a beanie. Looking closely at these staples, you can pretty much work out that these items are perfect for the cold winter weather.


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Now that winter is upon us, it’s the ideal time to make up some of the best streetwear combinations that will keep you warm and fashionable this year. Here are some of the most fool-proof combos that will keep you doing streetwear the right way to end the year.

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Flannel Shirts and Joggers

When you choose streetwear you want to make a statement. Choosing a vibrantly coloured flannelled shirt will really add a bit of spice to the dull winter weather. Opt for a shirt made from thick flannel to keep you warm. Balance out the colour with some plain joggers to keep that laidback style that streetwear is synonymous with.

Beanie and Jeans

The best way to make a beanie work this winter is to pair it with a great pair of jeans. A mid-wash-style denim with a fisherman fold beanie keeps your look warm but still on trend. You could even pair these with Farah shirts from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.

Layers and Hiking Boots

Understanding how to layer properly is key to nailing the perfect streetwear look. To do this, opt for clothing of different lengths so you can see each layer when you wear them on top of each other. Add to this combo a pair of hiking boots. Luxury hiking boots are making a big splash on the streetwear scene, and what better time to add them to your wardrobe than in the harsh winter weather?

Hoodie and Baggy Trousers

Hoodies are a perfect winter item of streetwear. You can make a real statement in a bold hoodie. If you are choosing a bright-coloured hoodie, pair it with a plain pair of baggy trousers to balance out the look. If you don’t fancy the baggy trouser look, why not go for a pair of joggers instead? These will keep you equally as comfortable and warm whilst still being on trend for the streetwear style. For really cold days, pop your puffer jacket on over the top.