Locating a best baby Moses basket

Was rummaging the other day, through my mom’s garage it had been years because it is big enough to fit two cars and since it was cleaned out, it has accumulated a whole lot of furniture and bits and pieces. As looked, came across what seemed to be some type of infant’s bassinet, but one which I had not seen the likes of before. This one was made from straw or something of this type. It had a canopy over two handles and the top woven from the exact same material. Tied around the basket’s sides was a material not unlike the valance that encircles the base of my bed. The feature that really caught my attention was how worldly it appeared. Very different from today’s modern world, this had an appeal that I had not seen in an infant’s bed.

Baby Moses Basket

Well my curiosity Piqued so took this basket to determine who’d used it and where it had come from. A chocolate cake was being cooked by mum and when she saw what I had been holding and turned around, there came a look into her eyes. She said that it was used as the place for my grandmother, my mom and my siblings and me and that this was a Moses basket. Apparently it is known as a baby moses basket from the Old Testament after Moses. During the time the Egyptians enslaved the Israelite people and Pharaoh had ordered every Israelite boy to be put to death. Moses’ mother hid him because he could not be hidden by her and until he was 3 months old, places him in a basket and sealed with pitch. This was put by her at the Nile River handing his life over.

An Excellent story that explains how this infant’s bed was named could only imagine Moses drifting at the Nile’s edge in something like this. Although this one with no waterproofing would not last As I looked at this Moses basket I imagined what mother and my grandma should have looked like inside. As a whole looked perfect for the use it was intended for, the sheets and mattress were out of a bygone era but the Moses basket. Since we were planning asked mum if this Moses basket could be used by us for our child on getting our baby soon. She was thrilled at the notion of having the Moses basket is used by a generation. I needed to do was venture back into the garage and see if I could get all our other baby needs.