The type of staff you need to hire in a restaurant

There are so many categories of personnel in restaurants like managers, cooks, hosts, dishwashers, etc. When you are doing some duties when the restaurant is still new, the central kitchen supplier is one thing that you have to keep in mind. Then comes the payroll costs like your salary and also that of the managers that go to 30-35% of the total sales.

The staff you need to hire for your restaurant

  1. Cooks

You will be requiring three cooks as a central kitchen solution where two work as full time and one as a part-time cook. The part-time will be working during peak hours while the full-time cooks take care of the entire food preparation. Hire the cooks according to the requirements of your restaurants. Customers will become regular when they are getting good food in restaurants. You have to pay about $575 to $760 for the chefs.

  1. Chefs

The chefs are known for making star cuisines and they work as a central kitchen supplier with the pastry chefs getting $28,000 per year to the executive chefs getting $60,000 per year. Many well-known star chefs can earn up to a 6-digit salary if they work properly.

  1. Manager

The manager helps in looking after the duties as part of the central kitchen solution and they see that food is served to customers properly. They keep the stock management with a good manager having 2 years’ experience in managing.


These are some important staff in restaurants. Choose each wisely!