What Are the Various Kinds of Rugby Headgear?

One of the tough contact sports played by today’s generation so that it stands the injuries which are inevitable game part is rugby league.  Using the rugby headguard can guide you in minimizing the risks. Even you are careful, you might get injured one or the other time. This head gear is the best way to safeguard your head from injury. Let’s look at the various types of rugby headgear along with their pros and cons.

Different types of rugby headguard

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Ventilated headgear:

This is a little padding form some holes of decent sized which enables a better air amount to flow directly to the head. There are many types which can tolerate different temperatures. This is the headgear which is better for gamers who makes their head with warmth. Most of your head is covered with material. But this is not a piece that is regular as it can get torn or ripped,

Air flow headguard:

This is created to keep your head so cool while offer protection at adequate level. It also comprises of several holes which enable the air influx. This is the most expensive headguard which is a decent idea of rugby headguard present in the market. Make sure to get the kit which can last for longer time. This is the investment which is solid and offers you some protection degree.


This comprises of a thick piece of elastic which can be wrapped around your head. It covers your forehead, head back, and ears. It is worn by the union of rugby who needs the protection. Even though it is created that a few appearances in games of rugby league. This offers no protection but is of useful option if you want your ears to be pinned to your head.

Thus, these are some of the rugby headguards used by the rugby lovers.