Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors – Accuracy of Digital Wrist BP Monitors

Almost all people have used blood pressure monitors in the doctor’s office so we know that they go around the upper arm. For individuals having high blood pressure, it’s always best to monitor their BP readings regularly. If you are hypertensive, BP may rise at any time or even too quickly but you won’t know about it. There are little to no symptoms when hypertension occurs, so it’s imperative to have your BP checked and monitored in a regular basis. However, a frequent visit to your doctor for just checking your BP is inconvenient and costly. Having your own BP monitor at home always helps you to be aware of your BP. However, digital arm monitors like you used in doctor’s office are expensive. The less expensive alternative nowadays is the digital wrist blood pressure monitor which you can carry around anywhere as it is so compact that it can be slipped easily into a purse or bag.

There are many advantages in having a wrist blood pressure monitor rather than having a traditional BP monitor which include portability and ease of use Best Blood Pressure Monitors. For some people, wrist blood pressure monitors have accuracy issues and they have encountered accuracy problems themselves with these monitors. These BP monitors are actually designed to give accurate readings. In fact, they display an error message if the system detects discrepancies in the readings. Accuracy can only be a problem if the wrist blood pressure monitor is not used properly, and the most common problem arises when it’s not held at the level of the heart which may cause it to inaccurately read the pressure.

The wrist blood pressure monitor is just as accurate as the commonly used automatic BP monitor at free public health screenings. To get an accurate reading, one should hold it at the level of the heart or it can be used while lying down as an alternative. Another good thing about the wrist BP monitor is that it can be used by all members of the family because its cuff doesn’t need to be customized for only one user. There are so many models to choose from and the price varies according to the wrist BP monitor’s features and extras. With this portable device, you can monitor your BP, have a record of the readings so you can show the readings to your doctor when it’s time to take a visit to your doctor’s office.