Corporate dental companies: An overview

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Corporate dentistry is the merger of smaller practices within a larger entity. It also means multi-location practice owned by one or two doctors. Many corporate dental companies have been set up in the global market recently.

Oracare Dental Entrepreneurs in Singapore  –

Oracare has its headquarters in Singapore. It provides the opportunity for operators of dental clinics to become part of a leading Southeast Asian dental network to support their professional ambitions. Oracare group comprises 43 clinics across Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, along with the dental supplies business. A few of their brands are namely as –

  • Family dental center
  • expert dental
  • MOS dental
  • Tawa dental
  • A2Z dental and medical supplies.

Their Focus/Goals –

As a group, they focus on a few things –

  1. First-class hygiene standards and COVID-19 protocols- patient safety is paramount.
  2. We are embracing technology to improve the customer journey and treatment outcomes.
  3. They are actively expanding their network across new geographies in South East Asia.

Dental partnership-

Oracare seeks to provide a dynamic and modern partnership culture built on a shared passion for Clinical Excellence and positive patient outcomes to achieve superior customer service satisfaction and financial performance. Dental practice management hinges on core considerations such as.

  • Superior customer experience- It is achieved by implementing best practice operational systems to enhance all aspects of the patient journey.
  • Operational and cost synergies- Utilizing software to optimize scheduling and reduce cost through group efficiencies.
  • Capital investment to achieve dental excellence and fuel ambitions – From new dental equipment technologies to supporting aspirational expansion plans.

Oracare groups hand over day-to-day administrative processes freeing up to do what is the best.