Here is how you can find domestic helpers Singapore quickly

domestic helper singapore

Hiring a domestic helper singapore can be quite a daunting task for anyone, mainly because you will be bringing in a stranger to your home. However, given the busy schedule of our day-to-day lives, there might be a requirement to hire a domestic helper quickly.

Some of the few methods to identify your ideal domestic helper are as follows.

Personal Interview

If someone hires a domestic through an agency, they will contact the organization. However, if they are looking to hire a domestic transfer helper directly, they would contact the respected person directly they would contact a respected person directly if they are looking to hire a domestic transfer helper. They can also conduct a personal interview to see if the helper is suitable for their place and family.

Background Check

Almost all forms of hiring require a thorough background check of the candidate. Of course, this will be much more significant when hiring a domestic helper, mainly due to their access to one’s home and personal lives. One may carry out all the background checks on their own or hire an agency to conduct the background check and report to them.


One can often get access to reliable domestic helpers through referrals from friends. Some helpers come with proper training and years of experience. However, one of the primary things to consider when recruiting a domestic helper is her nature and compatibility with the family members. And that can only be identified by one-on-one interaction with the person.

Hence, these are a few steps one can use to hire a domestic helper in Singapore quickly.